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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dead Noon

Demons, skeletons, gun slingers and zombies abound as an old west outlaw rises from the grave in the modern west seeking revenge.

Of the genres that tends to attract the most deplorable movies, I would have to say that horror and comedy are about equal.  At least with horror, you can count on- if not an A-List movie, at least coming across a decent B-Grade movie... unlike comedy where it's either a good comedy, or a trainwreck.

Of course, that's not to say that the horror genre doesn't have its share of trainwrecks... or in the case of "Dead Noon," stagecoach wrecks.

The premise sounds cool in a Sam Raimi, "Evil Dead: Army of Darkness" sort of way.  The potential for humour and scares is ripe for that premise.  Too bad this movie doesn't come close to fulfilling that potential.

I have a very basic movie watching rule: You don't stop until it's over.  I wound up breaking that rule while watching this movie... within the first ten to fifteen minutes.  My best friend- Jason (from "Film Reviews in the Basement") and I watched this film for a B-Movie Night.  Beer, pizza, and fun cheesy movies.  We had beer (quite a bit of beer, actually), we had pizza... but in "Dead Noon," we lacked the fun cheesy movie.

When you can't even derive enjoyment from poking fun at a movie... when you can't even drink the horrible experience away... when you actually turn the movie off... you know that the movie is part of "The Ugly".

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