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Sunday, April 24, 2011

William Castle Tribute VI: Happy Birthday... From Beyond the Grave!

The year 1914 saw two events that would change the world.  One was the First World War... the other was the birth of William Castle.

World War One would change the face of the world from one of empires to one of republics and democracies.  William Castle would change the face of the movie world from one of watching a movie to one of experiencing the movie.

Thus today, on April 24th, we're celebrating the 97th birthday of William Castle.  While some may argue that a war changes the way world leaders looked at the world was more important, I would have to disagree.  I feel that celebrating the life of a single man that touched and influenced the lives of millions to be much more important.  Yes, World War One brought may have brought countries freedom from Imperialism, but William Castle brought people freedom from apathy and stale thinking.

After all, even if you're "chained" by the rule of an empire, you're still free in your mind and soul... but if you're shackled by apathy and stagnant thought, you are truly a prisoner in life.

Freedom fighters fight wars to throw off the rule of their dictators.  William Castle made his movies to fight off the rule of formulaic, uniform and boring movies.

So, today, April 24th, we're celebrating the birth of a movie freedom fighter... William Castle.

Happy Birthday!

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