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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Scare It Forward!" Chapters 1 to 3

On the 20th of May, 2011, the second annual "Scare It Forward Project!" began with the posting on William Castle's blog of the first Chapter.  To date, there are a total of three chapters- each written by a different writer!

The story so far:
Summer- a time for sunshine, bathing suits, swimming in the river... and death.  Grant and four of his friends are enjoying the summer sun by spending the night along the banks of a river.  After Grant sees what he thinks is a dead body, evil begins to stalk the teens one by one...
 The authors this week are:
  • Brian Lane
  • Dan Dillard and
  • Alan Berger
 The ghost of William Castle, on his Facebook page relates that on May 27, 1977, he met with Alan Berger, and Kathy Gori to discuss the script for a proposed movie called, "Animus".  Unfortunately, Mr. Castle passed away four days after that meeting.  Thanks to the wonders of technology however, they were able to meet again via Facebook, with both offering to write for the "Scare It Forward!" project.  Chapter Three was written by Alan Berger, while Chapter Four will be written by Kathy Gorsi.  Also, according the ghost, the trio are once again working on the script for "Animus".

I highly recommend visiting William Castle's blog to check out this years, "Scare It Forward!"- as well as last years.


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