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Sunday, June 19, 2011

William Castle Presents: "Scare It Forward!" (2011)

 In 2010, my friend, Jay- from Film Reviews in the Basement, took part in a special story telling project hosted by the ghost of William Castle.  Every four days,a new chapter of the story (titled "Angel Island") would be published on William Castle's blog.  Each chapter would be written by a different person.  A total of 31 chapters were written.

Well, this year, William Castle is once again proud to present "Scare It Forward!"  This year, there was such an overwhelming response to his request for writers, that the project is starting early- June 20th, and continuing until Oct 31st.

Due to the number of writers volunteering for this project, the ghost of William Castle has divided the writers into three stories of about 13 writers each.  Just like last year, a new chapter will be posted on the William Castle blog every four days.

Not only is this a fun project, but I'll be taking part in it this year as well!  I will be writing Chapter 9 of the third story... with my part of the story appearing on the blog on Oct 20th.

There'll be updates here, on "The Corner of Terror", William Castle's Facebook page, and his blog.

Also, feel free to check out last year's, "Scare It Forward!" story: "Angel Island"

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