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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Scare it Forward!" Chapter 7

Monday has rolled around again, which means it's time for another great update about William Castle's 2011 "Scare It Forward!"  Only one chapter was written this week, but what a chapter it is!

The story so far: 
Summer- a time for sunshine, bathing suits, swimming in the river... and death.  Grant and four of his friends are enjoying the summer sun by spending the night along the banks of a river.  After Grant sees what he thinks is a dead body, evil begins to stalk the teens one by one... 
Years ago, a simple Mexican peasant girl caught the eye of the Don's son.  He wanted her, and have he would.  But all was not what she expected.  Soon the rumors brought to her by the servants, and his growing attention towards their twin sons would pull the family apart... and her actions would haunt the landscape for years to come...

And one of those years is now.  Aaron- one of the teens camping by the side of the river is found the next morning... barely concious, and terrified.  Torn between taking their friend to the hospital, and staying to give him a chance to rest and recover, the teens try to deal with Aaron's pleas for them to leave before, "she" kills them all.  That night, the mysterious female apparition visits Aaron... with Death keeping her company...
Death most foul comes at the hands of a friend, ripping dreams and innocence away like a corpse's shroud as the teens are caught in the grip of a rage and an anger from the past.  Friend turns on friend as the past corrupts the present... changing the daydreams of the future into the nightmare of the past...
 Nathan Thomas Milliner brings us Chapter Seven, and really turns up the volume of terror.  What will happen next?  Who will live?  How it will it end?

To find out, you'll just have to read William Castle's "Scare It Forward!", which is posted as part of his blog.  I know I'll keep reading!

Oh- and also, keep an eye open in the book stores for William Castle's book, "From the Grave: The Prayer"- the first book written by a ghost.  There's been a small delay in it's arrival at book stores but those that pre-ordered this book should still receive their copies on time.

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