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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Curse of Bigfoot (1978)

I simply going to say that I have never been so disappointed in a horror movie in my life... ever.

A professor tells a High School class about and encounter with an inhuman creature 20 years prior while investigating an archeological site where a mummy had been found.  After finding the mummy, he and his students are forced to confront and destroy the beast before innocent people are killed...

"Curse of Bigfoot" starts out with what could've been a decent clip of a rather nasty faced creature in a black suit attacking a woman and her dog.  Too bad that was only a movie being shown a High School class to illustrate how Hollywood portrays monsters and mythical beasts.  He then bring up the topic of Sasquatch- or Bigfoot.  They then go into a flashback of two people encountering a Bigfoot.  A promising start, right?

It's a promise that they fail to deliver on.  After that initial Bigfoot scene, the rest of the movie has nothing to do with the title.  In fact, all they did was take the 1958 movie, "Teenagers Battle the Thing", colourize it, and add some new scenes at the beginning.

The acting in the recycled footage is laughable and deplorable at the same time.  The monster is just horrendous.  The face is seriously messed up, making you wonder how it could see, hear, or even growl.  The story is weak and slow.  There isn't even really all that many scares in it.  The one kill is short and doesn't even show much- just the monster's face coming at the camera.  Seriously, its face looks like someone took a baseball bat to it.

Usually, I can find something to like in a movie- regardless of how horrible it is... but for "Curse of Bigfoot," I can't.  Words escape me the way I wish I could've escaped watching this drivel.

I'm placing, "Curse of Bigfoot" into "The Ugly"... and leaving it buried there.


  1. This sounds horrible. But I think I might still have to watch it . . .

  2. It's worse than it sounds... I can't describe the pain I felt...