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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Scare It Forward!" (Tale Two)- Chapters 3 & 4

Monday has rolled around again- and that means it's time for another chilling update on William Castle's 2011 "Scare It Forward!".  This week, I bring you a quick summary of Chapter Three and Chapter Four!

The story so far:
Rod "Hot Rod" McIntosh, is a guitarist with a taste for cocaine, liquor, and fast bikes.  During his band's performance one night, a mysterious woman gives him a note and a kiss.  Soon, Rod is faced with a growing horror as the woman stakes a claim on his soul.  Is this hellish nightmare a bad trip... or a fast trip to Hell?
A night of passion turns into a nightmarish vision of shadowy death and and an creepy mystery for Rod after he meets, "Mindy".  Kisses land like feathers, and blood flows like wine in the fog of his memories from that night.  Who IS this mysterious woman... and what does she want with him?
 Seek answers to the fragmented questions about the strange night with "Mindy," Rod is on a journey to find her and discover the truth behind the secret hiding under her seductive allure.  He soon finds himself on the road to the Ranford Ranch... but is that road also the road to Hell?
 Chapter Three is written by Samantha Grant, while Chapter Four is written by Brandis Biship.  Both of them have set things up nicely for the authors after them... and I'm definately eager to see what happens next.

To read the full story so far- check out William Castle's 2011 "Scare It Forward!" on his personal blog!  Also, make sure you read the first tale from this year: "Scare It Forward: Undertow"... and last year's tale of terror, "Scare It Forward: Angel Island"!   You won't be disappointed.

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