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Monday, September 26, 2011

Scare It Forward! (Tale Two) Chapters 11 & 12

Well, the final two chapters of William Castle's second 2011 "Scare It Forward!" tale have been posted... and I'm here with the final summary of this tale!

The story so far:
Rod "Hot Rod" McIntosh, is a guitarist with a taste for cocaine, liquor, and fast bikes.  During his band's performance one night, a mysterious woman gives him a note and a kiss.  Soon, Rod is faced with a growing horror as the woman stakes a claim on his soul.  Is this hellish nightmare a bad trip... or a fast trip to Hell?
A night of passion turns into a nightmarish vision of shadowy death and and an creepy mystery for Rod after he meets, "Mindy".  Kisses land like feathers, and blood flows like wine in the fog of his memories from that night.  Who IS this mysterious woman... and what does she want with him?
 Seeking answers to the fragmented questions about the strange night with "Mindy," Rod is on a journey to find her and discover the truth behind the secret hiding under her seductive allure.  He soon finds himself on the road to the Ranford Ranch... but is that road also the road to Hell?
Having reached the Ranford Ranch, Rod is greeted by the haunting beauty of "Mindy", and her... "friends".  They're having a party- and Rod is the star performer.  Rod quickly finds himself in the intoxicating grip of pain and pleasure- and then left to crave the terrifying rush of losing his soul to the music.
Like an addict, Rod is caught in the steel grip of a hungry need to feel the music inside him... a need so great that he'd willingly suffer the terror that "Mindy" and her friends inflict on him.  His need may bring him greater horrors now that he's met "Malina"... their queen...
Inspiration flows like blood inside of Rod as the dark queen and her trinity of maidens pull him deeper into their court of terror.  Lyrics seep like life from him as he writes for the dark queen and her trinity of maidens.  Words drop on the page like tears as he sees a way to escape the obscurity that follows him and his band.  Fame and glory lay before him like a body on the floor as he loses himself to the music...  Will he become the court minstrel... or the fool?
Some musicians are blessed by the music they create, while others are cursed by it.  Some control their music, while others are controlled by it.  Sinking deeper into his addiction to the music he plays for "Malina" and her trio of maidens, Rod encounters three strange men and learns the horrid truth behind the music.  They offer him a chance at reclaiming his life and his soul... but only a slim chance.  Too bad the dark queen isn't likely to make it easy for him...
Sometimes, we're trapped in a fantasy we wish would end, while other times we're trapped in a reality we wish would end.  For Rod, reality has taken a darker turn into grim fantasy that he can't escape.  He needs to break the hold of the horror that grips his life now... but is confronted with the possibility that the life he had may have been just as a nightmare as what he's facing now...
We all have to face our fears at one point or another in our lives.  We also have to face our secrets at some point too.  Rod is about to face both as he steps into a final showdown with the dark queen "Malina," and her ladies in waiting.  Will Rod's real secret be enough to win this battle... or will he join the evil court of the witches as their most recent slave?

Brian James Lane brings us Chapter Eleven, while the final chapter is written by Bill J White.  The two of them set things up, and knock them down with a fantastic little surprise.

Check out the complete story at William Castle's blog.  And if you haven't already, I recommend reading the first of the 2011 stories, "Scare It Forward!: Undertow" and last year's tale, "Scare It Forward!: Angel Island".

Also, get ready, because the THIRD "Scare It Forward!" story will be starting, and I'll be bringing you weekly summaries of that one as well.  I definately recommend reading the upcoming story, since I'll be writing one of the chapters myself!

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