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Thursday, September 1, 2011

William Castle Wants YOU to Scream For Your Life!

William Castle has teamed up with Fangoria Magazine to bring the world another dose of his famous showmanship.  This time, YOU'RE the star of this wonderful piece of entertainment.

The two have joined forces to bring us the "Scream For Your Life" contest!  It's simple, really.  Just grab your camcorder, cell phone, or web cam, and  film yourself screaming your best Hollywood horror movie scream!  Once you've filmed it, send you MPEG to chris@fangoria.com.  Once you've done that, the great, late William Castle and his daughter, Terry will have a look at them.  Near the end of September, the two will choose the best three to receive a signed copy of William Castle's book, "From the Grave: The Prayer"- which I've read, reviewed, and loved.  In addition, the lucky winners will get another piece of William Castle memorabilia from his secret stash.

So, get your scream on and enter now!

I took the liberty of making my own entry to the contest as well.  Unfortunately, Hotmail wouldn't let me send the WHOLE video I did, so I sent in just the scream.  Just below, you'll find the "Director's Cut" of the video... exclusively on "The Corner of Terror!"