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Monday, October 10, 2011

Xquisite Corpse 2011 Chapters 4 & 5

Monday rolls around and thoughts turn to work... and my latest summary of William Castle's 2011 Xquisite Corpse project.  No need to wait, because here it is!

The story so far:
Johnnie Moon has a gift- a gift that winds up costing him a leg and his Harley.  A mysterious woman with black hair calls out to him through the gift... but to what end?  What importance does she and Johnnie have to the fate of the world?  While allowing Johnnie the opportunity to avoid disaster at one turn, will the gift bring him nothing but horror at the next?
 Having just barely escape death, Johnnie is now forced to take the long road to his destiny with the black haired woman in his visions.  On the way, he comes across the auburn haired Raven and a child that will die if Johnnie doesn't act to deflect fate's fatal shot.  But Raven, her boyfriend, and the child may be more than he thinks... and could very well mean trouble he doesn't need...
Rich Orth- who also wrote Chapter Seven of the second "Scare It Forward!" tale this year, brings us Chapter Four, and introduces us to the lovely Raven, while Rickie Guthrie moves things forward and helps Johnnie get into a potentially lethal situation.  How will it turn out?  Only the next writer has any idea on that!  Check out William Castle's blog for the full story, as well as "Scare it Forward!: Undertow," and the second 2011 "Scare it Forward!" tale, and "Scare it Forward!: Angel Island"

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