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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloggity Bloggity Blog...

What do you think of when you hear that someone is a blogger... especially a HORROR blogger?

Do you envision a gloomy room lit by light filtering through the blinds as dust motes dance lazily in the dry breeze of an old fan?  Do images of a room consisting of shelves of horror DVD's, books, and collectibles come to mind?  How about a slightly disheveled shape hunched over in utter darkness tap tap tapping at a keyboard- their face lit by the cold blue glow of a computer monitor... empty pizza boxes and Twinkie wrappers scattered around their feet?

Or do you imagine an average sort of person that you'd meet on the street, and think, "Hey, he's just like me,"?  Well, that's the thing about horror bloggers- they can be ANYONE.

ANYONE... even your Grandma could be one.

Some people get a funny look on their face when I say that I write a blog about horror books and movies... a sort of, "You don't look like a gothic, Crow wannabe," look.

Me in all my facial glory...

I'm not sure WHY there's this strange perception about what a "Horror Geek" looks like.  I'm not sure WHY people think we're supposed to look like goths, or bikers, or grunge rockers, or heavy metal heads.  Seriously, I don't.

I even got asked if my "Corner of Terror" was messy... as if horror bloggers were inherently untidy and unorganized.  I was a little bothered by it.  I won't lie- I'm not a neat freak.  I don't panic if my socks miss the clothes hamper when I throw them that way.  But, I do have a clean workspace that allows me to have quick access to the resources I need in the course of my blogging duties.

The REAL "Corner of Terror"!

As you can see- it's organized.  I have the DVD box sets I use for my "What Movie Wednesday" feature, as well as some books I plan on reviewing, my monkey mug, a book on HTML (so I can tweak some of the coding for the page as it grows), and my "Night of the Living Dead Cemetery Zombie" collectible figure.  All neatly placed in convenient locations.  Note that my desktop wallpaper is even TCoT related!  Very professional like.

Of course, the photo is a little deceiving in that it doesn't show ALL of the space the desk occupies.  The desk itself is an old metal army desk (circa 1970's is my guess), and is located in a closet.

Yeah, a closet... my one concession to blogger stereotype.

I guess my point to all this is to show that just because someone is a horror geek, or a sci-fi geek (I enjoy my "Star Trek", "Planet of the Apes", and "Lost in Space"), or even a comic geek- it doesn't mean that they're really any different than anybody else.  We just happen to have a passion for these things, and want to share it by blogging about it.  So next time, you come across a "geek," don't assume they're a strange, alien species...
After all, as my Mom used to say, "Never make fun of someone for something they enjoy... for you may enjoy something they can make fun of too..."


  1. No Eggo waffles and a bowl of syrup? Disappointed.

  2. I'm more a cheesy poof and Coca-Cola sort of guy. The cheesy poofs are in the desk drawer... LOL