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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Grave Questions" Will be Asked!

Most readers are probably (hopefully) already familiar with one of the regular features of this blog- "What Movie Wednesday."  Right?  Right.

Well, since the response to that feature has been good, it's about time that I add another regular feature- "Grave Questions".  In this feature, I'll be asking various horror related people questions... and they answer.  Or at least I hope they answer- as not doing so would make the articles really short.

What sort of horror related people will I interview?  Well, I hope to talk to people who produce and direct horror films, people that star in horror films, people that write horror stories, host horror websites, host horror related podcasts, etc.

I plan on doing this feature once a month if possible, so stay tuned for more!

Some people will have noticed that the title banner at the top of the site has changed.  It's the first of some of the organization changes I'm going to be implementing over the course of the next few months to make this site easier on the eyes, and to navigate, etc.

Also, just in case anyone has been wondering about the podcast series and YouTube series that I've hinted at- just keep watching this space for updates.  Things are slowly getting assembled so that I can kick them off.  I just need to gather a computer monitor and some software, then I can start the podcasts.  Expect the first episode near the beginning of October!  The YouTube series will take a bit longer- but things are starting to fall into place for that as well.  If all goes well, I should be able to start production on that  near the end of next year!

I'm also moving forward in regards to merchandise to offer readers.  I've got some clothing designs completed, and in the midst of working on some more in addition to some graphics for coffee mugs, mouse pads, and more!  I have some possible retail outlets that may be willing to sell what I have to offer, as well as a company that might be able to produce and distribute as well.  Let's keep our fingers cross and by the time Dark Fest 2013 rolls around, you might see me rolling around Kamloops in a "Corner of Terror" hoodie!

So that's it for this quick little status report.  As things develop more, I'll let you all know what's happening.

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