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Friday, June 15, 2012

Grave Questions: Brooke Lewis

When you're in the "business" of reviewing movies, you come across people in the industry that cover a wide spectrum of roles- from script writers, to producers, to directors, and performers.  Such was the case when my friend's over at "We Came From the Basement" interviewed a lovely lady by the name of Brooke Lewis several months ago.  While tweeting for their radio show that featured the interview, I got to talk a bit with Brooke via Twitter.

As the photo at the top of this article shows quite nicely, Brooke is a beautiful woman- but she is much more than just a pretty face.  In addition to acting, she is also a producer (through her company Philly Chick Pictures), writer, and director in her own right.  She has also released at least one dance hit, has won numerous Scream Queen awards, and stars in her own web series as Ms. Vampy.

Now, why would such a talented woman agree to answer my "Grave Questions"?  Because she's a brave person as well!

TCoT:  What inspired you to get into film- and horror especially?
Brooke:  I was born a ham!  :) I was such an emotional and sensitive child that I was destined to do this! I was performing in musical theater at a very young age. I loved TV and movies as a little girl and used to talk to the TV and characters and pretend I was on the show with them and improv! I acted in one no budget horror flick when I got to LA and the fan mail started to come. Then, I executive produced and starred in a horror thriller a few years later and the fan mail poured in! It really is all about the fans in horror. They are the most loyal and supportive fans in the world!

TCoT:  You've been called the most recent of the Scream Queens- what do you consider to be the key elements of a Scream Queen?
Brooke:  Mike, thanks for saying that! It is my honor to have had the title “Scream Queen” bestowed upon me several years ago. My definition of a Scream Queen is “A strong, sexy, powerful actress working in the horror genre.” And, since I won the B Movie Golden Cob Awards 2010 for Best Scream Queen Of  2009, I love being a Scream Queen even more!

TCoT:  How have you seen Scream Queens evolving over the ages?
Brooke:  In my opinion, any true horror fan will recognize that the greatest roles for Scream Queens or women in horror history were not necessarily the roles in which women were victimized or objectified, but the roles in which women were the heroine (Jamie Lee Curtis in "Halloween" or "Prom Night"), or the strength behind the man (Margot Kidder in "The Amityville Horror") or the killer (Sissy Spacek in "Carrie"). Sadly, I feel that with the internet and digital film making craze, came a new breed of Scream Queen, in which any young, sexy chick who called herself an actress, got naked and had blood splashed on her became a “Scream Queen". I do feel that this has started to change back a bit with smart horror flicks like "Insidious" and "The Last Exorcism". I think there are now sub-genres of horror and we will continue to see Scream Queens of various types.

TCoT:  What famous Scream Queen (alive or dead) would you love to have met?
Brooke:  Having a level of success in the horror genre has blessed me with many opportunities to meet the Scream Queens I admired and aspired to be like when I was young. I have hosted events with the stunning, timeless Elvira, who is one of my inspirations for Ms. Vampy! I have appeared at horror conventions with some of my idols like Tippi Hedren, Adrienne Barbeau, Dee Wallace, Leslie Easterbrook, Margot Kidder and Danielle Harris. I am also lucky to call many of the younger Scream Queens “friend”!!! I think the only two I missed out on meeting are Fay Wray and Maila Nurmi…now that would have been horrifically incredible!!!

TCoT:  If you were to star in a remake, what movie would it be?
Brooke:  Come on…I can’t choose one! "Cleopatra"; "The Taming of the Shrew"; "My Cousin Vinny"; "The Lost Boys"; "The Hunger"; "Love at First Bite" (LOL!!!).

Thank you to Mike and The Corner Of Terror readers!

 I want to give Brooke a huge "Thank You" for being June's "Grave Questions" victim!  If you want to keep up to date on what Brooke is up to- you can find her at the following locations across the internet:

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