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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I've Been Plotting and Planning...

During my recent hiatus from the site, I have been adjusting some of my plans in regards to the blog.  A few things have been delayed, others will continue forward with only minor disruption, and a couple of brand new ideas have sprung to mind.

I was hoping to launch my "Radio TCoT" project this October, but I will have to delay that until the end of May.  Until then, I'll use the time to learn and tinker with my sound editing software so that when I DO launch the podcast, I can present you with a decent product.

With the new computer, I can once again resume work on "Project Terror Wear"- which is what I've named the ongoing development of hoodie and t-shirt designs for the site.  I have a couple of designs already created, and am working on getting them actually produced for sale.  I'll be posting sneek peaks of these designs over time, and will keep you all updated on this project.

The first new "episode" of "What Movie Wednesday" will take place October 3rd- and I'm excited about it.  I've really missed having people vote on the movies I watch and tweet to.  Also, keep your eyes open at the end of May for a "Special Announcement" regarding this feature!

One new project is my new blog, "Life in the Corner."  With this blog, I'll be gving everyone a look at the life of a blogger and reviewer.  You'll get a glimpse at the behind the scenes of what I do here at "The Corner of Terror," as well as away from the desk.  I'm hoping that it'll be as interesting and entertaining as what I do here.  My first entry there will be on October 8th!

Okay, so there's a quick update on the things I've got on the go right now.  I hope you're all as excited about the days, weeks, months ahead as I am!

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