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Friday, October 19, 2012

Incident at Exeter (John G Fuller)

Aliens are sometimes used in the world of horror to scare us- tales of abductions and experiments, invasions, and even using us a big game.  Sometimes, however, the truth is just simple bafflement and mystery...

In 1965, the town of Exeter, New Hampshire, a series of unidentified flying objects started to be reported.  John G Fuller investigates this mysterious case of possible alien visitation.

"Incident at Exeter" is an interesting look at the UFO phenomena.  Through the use of interviews with witnesses, transcripts of reports to authorities, and even visits to the locations of sightings, Fuller takes you on a personal trip in order to make sense of what was seen.

The writing style is very straight forward and easy to follow.  Rather than being dry as many books about UFO's can be, this book has touches of humour and insight as Fuller expresses the various thoughts and theories he runs through in order to figure out the truth.  The rythm and flow is quick enough that a person can read through it in pretty much one sitting without feeling like they read an entire book

If you're interested in UFO's, then "Incident at Exeter" is worth reading, and I'm going to put it in "The Good".

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  1. My uncle would be proud if he was still alive. R.I.P. Norman!