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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Devil in Connecticut (Gerald Brittle)

In addition to horror fiction, I enjoy reading non-fiction works about the paranormal.  One such book is "The Devil in Connecticut" by Gerald Brittle.

David Glatzel was an average, American boy... until the first day of July 1980.  Soon after, strange sounds can be heard, then sinister shapes are seen.  Shortly it would seem that Hell itself had been unleashed in the small Glatzel household in Connecticut...

This book covers a case of demonic possession that famed demonologist Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated in the 1980's- a case that would ultimate finish in what came to be called "The Demon Murder Trial". It details the events that occur as the case evolves through the generally accepted phases of demonic activity, weaving the details into an engaging story.

The style of writing is fairly easy to follow, and straight forward.  There is some artistic license used to portray the mood and atmosphere of the events taking place, but it's not overly dramatic or in your face.  The narrative flows nicely, and has a solid rythm to it.

Althought it's non-fiction, this books IS geared towards more entertainment than educational.

There has been some recent controversy, surrounding the book and events that are depicted, with some of the family involved saying it was a hoax created by Ed and Lorraine Warren, and others (especially those directly affected by the climatic trial) maintain that the possession and paranormal activity did occur.  Whether you believe in demons or not, this book is still worth a read.  I'm going to place "The Devil in Connecticut" in "The Bad."

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