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Friday, February 1, 2013

Point of Terror (1971)

During my life, I've only come across ONE movie that enraged me, and made me so angry that I literally growl and mutter profanities at the mere mention of "Mulholland Drive" (2001).  Well, I recently found another movie to add to the "Rage List"..

A nightclub singer has been having nightmares about beautiful women he knows being killed.  Soon, however, he discovers that they may be more than nightmares...

"Point of Terror"- one of this week's "What Movie Wednesday" winners, is a crap film.  That's right, a crap film.  Other than two of the women- the redheaded lady friend with the nice butt and the music exec's wife's daughter, I didn't really give a rat fart about the characters.  They were shallow, callous, and melodramatic.  I wanted them all to die, pretty much.

The acting was melodramatic and soap operatic.  Dyanne Thorne (the music exec's wife), Lory Hansen (the daughter), Paula Mitchell (the redheaded lady friend with the nice butt) and Dana Diamond (the barmaid) looked great, and provided the movie with the only good things in it- boobs and butts.  I found Peter Carpenter as the singer to be ridiculous and hammy... and he looked too much like Tom Jones for comfort- especially in that red fringed suit in the opening credits.

There is some decent pieces of camera work- but mostly during the scenes showing off boobs and butts.  The rest was pretty mediocre and average.

Now, for the story- which REALLY made me curse and scream at the movie.  The premise as outlined by me above is actually interesting.  Too bad this movie decided to screw the audience over with its expectations.  The movie starts with him having a nightmare... the scene of him singing in a red suit with really long fringes on the sleeves, actually.  The rest of the movie is about him pretty much playing and blackmailing the music exec's wife to get a record deal while she's playing and blackmailing him for sex.  There isn't a single nightmare during this movie, and only three people actually die- two of them being male.  Oh, but that's not the most foul thing this movie does.  Nooooo... it turns out that the whole damn movie was a nightmare the singer was having, and he wakes up the same way he did at the beginning.  A bloody DREAM!

Are you serious!?!  What a damn cop out!  It's the same thing that pissed me off about David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" when I saw it.  It's like that whole season of the TV series "Dallas" that was a dream.  It was a cheap, bullshit way to end the movie.

I don't recommend watching this crapfest.  If you're unfortunately enough to come into possession of this steaming pile of horse dung, burn it.  Microwave it.  Smash it.  Just destroy it!  "Point of Terror" has no terror in it, and due to the ending, boobs and butts can't even save it from being thrown into The Ugly.

Special Shout Out:

I want to thank everyone that voted in this week's "What Movie Wednesday"- especially those that voted for "Point of Terror":

Leona Biron-Coulter
Suzanne Wilson-Cappelletti
Mathew Little (of "The Wayward Tarheel")
Jason Wiggins

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