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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zombies: The Complete Guide to the World of the Living Dead (Zachary Graves)

Zombies are the big rage right now.  Movies, protests in the form of Zombie Walks, games, and books...

"Zombies: The Complete Guide to the World of the Living Dead" by Zachary Graves explores they history and evolution of zombies- from their Voodoo origins as undead slaves through to the hungry undead rising up due to a virus or other causes.  It covers the myths and superstitions surrounding zombies, as well as real cases of purported voodoo creates zombies.  This book also discuss how movies and books have helped the zombie to evolve into one of our favorite monsters- including a look at Frankentein's monster.

This book isn't very long, but is full of interesting information and is a great starting point for zombie afficionados, who wish to learn more about this genre of monster mythology.  It's logically broken down into sections that are laid out in an easy to read and digest fashion.  While far from being a truly "complete" guide to zombies, it is still an entertaining read.

I'm going to place "Zombies: The Complete Guide to the World of the Living Dead" in The Bad, because it's good for a single reading and for those interested in learning more about zombies... but not much beyond that.

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