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Monday, January 6, 2014

Glint in the Dark (Lori Kay)

Welcome to the first review for 2014!  Woo Hoo!

I was approached by Lori Kay about review her book, "Glint in the Dark", and she even sent me a nice hard copy version of it.  It's taken a little while due to one thing after another happening in my Life- but I've finally been able to sit down and write up the review.

Glint is a rock star with a dark past.  Unexpected coincidences soon bring him to the attention of radio station owner Grant Templeton.  Grant begins a journey to find out the source of Glint's success... and what connection he has to the death of his daughter years previously...

While there are some horror elements in this story, it's more a dramatic one than a simple horror story.  It's about finding closure after the tragic death of a loved one, and the path that Justice can sometimes take in order to be served.  Those two themes add a nice depth to the story, and puts it above most in the genre.

The writing style is fairly smooth and easy to follow.  It flows nicely- with only a few spots where you might be jarred out of the train of thought you might be in while reading.  This isn't so much a real style problem as it is minor errors in grammar and spelling.  Despite those small issues, I still found myself not wanting to stop reading.

I really liked the protagonist, Grant.  He was a finely crafted, and almost a complete personality.  He had depth to him, and felt quite believable and likable.  The same can be said for the rest of his family as well.  They were all well written, and served a purpose within the story.  Even the antagonists were good to read.  You wanted to learn more about Glint and his band- especially his girlfriend Mercy.  Just a great job of bringing the characters to Life.

Since the horror element is more just window dressing, and there were a couple of moments that knocked me out of the world on the pages, I can't put "Glint in the Dark" in The Good.  Despite putting it in The Bad, I WOULD re-read it, AND I would recommend it to others for at least one reading.  I would like to read more of her work- especially if she were to bump up the horror content.

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