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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Evil Feed (2013)

I was contacted by Louise Rivers, from Maven Publicity about reviewing the 2013 film, "Evil Feed", which was directed by Kimani Ray Smith, and stars Laci J. Mailey, Terry Chen, Alian Chanoine, and Alyson Bath.  The title made me hungry from some possible cannibal horror, so I readily agreed.

And man, am I glad I had a taste of this dish!

Martial arts fighters have been disappearing without a trace.  When she's kidnapped along with her sister and boyfriend, Jenna must find a way to escape.  Her friends are on the trail which leads to "The Long Pig" restaurant... but they may have bitten off more than they could chew...

"Evil Feed" is one heck of a meal.  It's got humour, semi-clad babes, fights, WTF moments, and lots of blood and grue- though heavier on the blood than actual grue.

The premise is pretty simple, but lays a solid foundation for the actual storyline and characters.  All of the elements I listed above are fitted nicely and smoothly into the story, and are well balanced.  I found myself laughing, cringing, oohing and ahhing... and I'm not going to lie, I even felt a touch queasy during a couple of moments.

The characters were great as well- from the tough as nails Jenna and cool Tyrone to the evil Steven and brutal Yuki.  Each character was distinct and enjoyable to watch.  They all had great lines and moments in the storyline.

The characters wouldn't have been as enjoyable if it hadn't been for the performers.  They all brought energy to their roles, and you could tell that they were having fun making the film.  Mailey was believable as Jenna.  Chen really must have enjoyed playing Steven.  He brought so much energy and madness to the role.  Chanoine was also great as Tyrone.  He was tough, and funny at the same time.  Bath seemed to revel is being hosed down in fake blood for her role.  Jaw droppingly sexy and psychotic.  The other actors were fantastic as well.  They were all a well rounded group that made the diverse characters a joy to watch.

The film is a visual buffet.  The sets and lighting created an almost insane, surreal feel to the movie.  This combined with interesting camera angles, and a variety of wide shots and close-ups created a frantic, kinetic pace to the story, with very little slowness.  The fight scenes were fun to watch, as were the scenes where the sweet red blood flows.

Once "Evil Feed" starts, it doesn't stop.  It grabs you and runs with you into the madness.  I would definitely recommend this movie, and watch it again.  It's going into "The Good".

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