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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Fog (Dennis Etchison)

One of the things I enjoy doing is reading books based on movies.  I always find it interesting to compare the two...

The small, sleepy town of Antonio Bay is celebrating it's 100th birthday when an ill wind blows a strange fog onto it's shores... a fog that creeps along the streets with malicious intent... a fog that is seeking to collect payment on a long overdue debt...

Amazingly, there aren't that many differences between the book, and the original movie.  What differences that do exist are extremely minor things that don't detract from the enjoyment of the story.

I was able to visualize the characters as portrayed by the actors- and heard their voices in the dialogue as well- which isn't an easy task to do.

Even though I knew how it ended, I still wanted to see how the book would deliver them to that final destination.  I wanted to keep reading, and I did keep reading.  I don't often read a book in a single reading, but I did with this one.

And frankly, I did not regret it at all.  Not one fucking bit.

There's also a nice little "easter egg" in this book as well.  Father Malone's handy man (played by John Carpenter in the movie) bears the name, "Bennet Trammer"- which happens to also be the name of the classmate that Laurie Strode had a crush on in "Halloween".  I thought this was a great touch to add to the book.

Is it as good as the original movie?  No.  Was it still a fun little read?  Certainly, though not one I will feel compelled to pick up again soon.  For that reason, it's going into "The Bad".