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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Corner of Terror... Back From the Dead!

Greetings, everyone.  You may have been wondering where I've been, and what I've been doing since about March 2013... and why this blog went dead.

Well, Life has a way of taking you out of the game for a while- and such is what happened to me.  A combination of a new job and moving resulted in my having to put my reviews in Limbo for awhile.

Now, however... I am rising from the grave to bring you more reviews of horror movies, books and games!

There will be some changes occurring over the next couple of months.  Some of those changes are:

  • "What Movie Wednesday"- Due to the way my work schedule is set-up, I don't have every Wednesday off- so I won't be able to do my weekly voting and tweet-along.  To make up for this, I will be creating a page here that will show a schedule of tweet-along dates, 24 hour tweet-along dates, review postings, and any other special events that I might be able to conduct.
  • Navigation-  I'd like to make things a little easier to navigate around the site- especially as the list of movies, etc expands.
  • Appearance-  I'll also be revealing a new look for the blog.  This includes a brand new LOGO.  That's right, after three years, The Corner of Terror will be getting a new logo.
I'll being a lot of preparation over the next couple of weeks, and the reviews and tweeting will begin properly with the New Year.!

Hopefully, the new year will bring good fortune to us, and The Corner of Terror won't have to teeter on the edge of the Abyss again.

Stay with us as great things happen!