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The Obituary

Mike S- The man, the boss, the bow tie...
Mike S: Editor/Reviewer/Tweeter/Whatnot

Mike S. began reviewing movies on "We Came From the Basement"- with his first review being "2001: A Space Odyssey".  He also provided Twitter commentary for the radio show's broadcoast.

In 2011, Mike S. started reviewing horror entertainment here in "The Corner of Terror", with his most popular feature being his "What Movie Wednesday" tweet-alongs.

He took most of 2014 off from reviewing due to scheduling difficulties, but has returned from the dead to bring the world his unique brand of quality reviews, and has plans to bring readers much more entertainment in the years to come.

When not sitting in a darkened corner reviewing horror movies/books/games, he collects stuffed monkeys, enjoys using his slow cooker, and making Star Trek themed cookies to fill his Spock cookie jar.


Jason H: Reviewer/Barkeep/Dude
Jason H: That hair, that beard, that style...

For six years, Jeason H was the co-host, co-reviewer, and head writer for the hit Canadian radio show/podcast, "We Came From the Basement".

During that time, he and co-host Shawn K reviewed hundreds of independent genre B-Movies and interviewed dozens of actors and filmmakers- including Lance Henricksen, Ernie Hudson, Corey Feldman, and "Friday the 13th" composer Harry Manfredini.

He is an aspiring screenwriter, and his action/horror hybrid, "The Shadowing" is in active development with John Fallon directing.  He's also a loving husband and father, and an avid mountain biker and kickboxer.