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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What Movie Wednesday: Killjoy (2000)

I'd say we're all agreed that dolls can be creepy- as can kids, right?  Well, I think we can also agree that clowns are on the "Things That Shouldn't Be Creepy... But Are" List...

Michael was in love with Jada.  Jada was dating a gangsta.  Michael practiced black magic.  The gangsta kills Michael.  Michael's black magic brings a clown doll to life.  Clown doll starts to kill everyone.

I'm not entirely sure what approach I should take with this review.  Taking an slightly academic approach (my standard approach) would only give this dung pile of a movie more legitimacy and credibility than it deserves.  Taking a witty approach would only make this excrement filled toilet film seem worthy of being seen for a chuckle.  Taking a "rage quit" approach would only make it seem that this piece of cinematic fecal matter was worth being angry over.

It doesn't deserve legitimacy or credibility.  It isn't worth being seen for a chuckle.  It's not even worth being angry over.

I have nothing positive to say about it.  The story felt like the writer had nothing more than a bowel movement on a blank page.  The characters were simply pieces of badly written turds.  The acting was on the level of the compost beneath manure- not even worth using for your vegetable garden.  The camera work and editing were perfect examples of rectally rejected refuse, and disgusting diarrhetic discharge.

"Killjoy" is getting flushed into "The Ugly"... though it did give me a reason to look up different ways to call it a shitty film.


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