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Top Five: Viral Outbreak Movies

The world has entered a pandemic with COVID-19 spreading like... well, like a virus.  Since I'm a sick bastard with a twisted sense of humour, I figured it was a great time to bring you a Top Five List of Viral Outbreak Movies!

"12 Monkeys" (1995)-  In this film, Bruce Willis is sent from the future to prevent the release of a virus by eco-terrorists that'll wind up wiping out the majority of humanity- and pushing them underground.

Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt put in great performances in this film.  The book is pretty good too.

"28 Days Later" (2002)-  The UK has been hit by a virus that is turning people into rage filled killers.

Great acting, great mood, and a realistic sense of isolation.  Especially note worthy for introducing the concept of the "rage zombie" to the genre.  Definitely a film to watch while the streets empty of people hoping to avoid COVID-19.

"Cabin Fever" (2002)-  A group of friends go to an isolated cabin... only t…
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The Book Nook: "Bag of Bones" (Stephen King)

My introduction to horror literature was via a hard cover edition of "The Shining" by Stephen King.  I feel that one of the first books reviewed during The Corner's relaunch should be by him as well.

Mike Noonan, experiencing nightmares about his deceased wife's hometown, moves there to confront his fears at the source.  Soon however, he finds that the nightmares are real... and leading him to face ghosts from his and the town's past...

This is one of the tightest, most emotionally intense books written by King.  It's on par with "The Shining" for mood, setting, and scares.  It flows smoothly along- building slowly but inevitably.  Once I began reading, I could not stop- I had to keep going until the end.

Even then, I had troubles stopping myself from dwelling on it- especially how it treats the themes of grief, and how even when you've known someone for years- they can still surprise you.

The characters are equally well crafted in my opinion.  …

The Animated Addict: "The Addams Family" (2019)

The Animated Addict his The Corner of Terror running today as we pay a visit to the ookiest, kookiest, spookiest family... The Addams Family!

Chased from their home by pitchfork carrying villagers on their wedding night, Gomez and Morticia flee to New Jersey.  Once there, they settle into an abandon house to raise their family... safe from prying, judging eyes.

Until one day, the fog surrounding their safe haven lifts... and exposes them to the horrors of "normal" folk...

The story is fairly simple and straightforward, with a couple of side plots to keep things interesting.  The theme of family solidarity, and the right to express one's individuality are at the core of this movie- and as become the main theme associated with The Addams Family movies.  It's a positive theme to have, and is put forth in a up front fashion without the use of blunt force trauma.  Despite the positive message, there are some weak points in the story that made me go, "meh".  Most …

Update: Plans Plans Plans!

Tuesday saw the first article in the relaunch of "The Corner of Terror".  Today, I'd like to take the opportunity to give you an idea of what to expect in the days, months, years ahead.

First off, you've probably noticed a sleeker new look that's very similar to our partners at "From the Basement".  Well, it's so the two blogs can put forth a more united, and cohesive "brand" in terms of being recognizable by those just sauntering through.  When you see us, hopefully you'll think of them as well- and vice versa.  I've also streamlined and tidied up the banner a bit, while keeping a nice horror element to it.

You've probably also noticed that I prefaced Tuesday's article with "The Game Room", and that it matches many of the articles I write over in The Basement as well.  Once again- it's intentional, so we can create a stronger tie between the two blogs.  Also it'll help make it a bit easier to search for …