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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Curtain Rises... and the Lights Dim...

There is nothing like sitting in a darkened theatre.  The lights slowly dimming... the curtains parting... the audience quieting down.

And then the gasps, and screams, and the rustle of clothes as people jump and squirm in their seats at the sights upon the screen...

There is nothing like the horror movie.  They can reach deep into our minds, and bring out most twisted nightmares to hellish reality in front of us.  They can splatter us with hot crimson life blood and slimey entrails.  They can stalk us from the shadows and pounce on us with the speed and violence of a black panther.  They can haunt us long after the lights come up and the credits roll.

Oh, yes... to my mind, there is nothing like the horror movie.  Vampires, zombies, and werewolves.  Sea serpents, radioactive lemmings, and rampaging dinosaurs.  Faceless killers, suave psychos, and beautiful black widows.  Ghosts, banshees, and demonic children.  All up on the big screen... all for a perverse therapy session of mad scientist proportions.

But some of these horrors and abominations are better than others... and that's where The Corner of Terror comes in.  As a fan of the horror genre, I watch a lot of horror movies (and own quite a few too), so I'll be here in the darkness with you... whispering which movies are worth being scared by, and which deserve a stake through it's infernal heart.

Oh, and I'll be reminding you in a voice as silky as the shadows that it's only a movie... at least it is until the cold fingers of Death caresses your cheek... and you scream...

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  1. We in The Basement look forward to your thoughts on this most unholiest of genres, be they Good, Bad or Ugly.