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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Scare it Forward!" Chapter 4

This past week, Chapter Four of William Castle's 2011 "Scare It Forward!" project was posted for all to read and enjoy.

The story so far:
Summer- a time for sunshine, bathing suits, swimming in the river... and death.  Grant and four of his friends are enjoying the summer sun by spending the night along the banks of a river.  After Grant sees what he thinks is a dead body, evil begins to stalk the teens one by one...
Years ago, a simple Mexican peasant girl caught the eye of the Don's son.  He wanted her, and have he would.  But all was not what she expected.  Soon the rumors brought to her by the servants, and his growing attention towards their twin sons would pull the family apart... and her actions would haunt the landscape for years to come...
Chapter Four was written by Kathy Gori, who, along with the author of Chapter Three met with Castle just days before his death to discuss the screenplay for a movie called, "ANIMUS".  They've now come together again thanks to Facebook in order to bring us this chilling tale of revenge from beyond the grave...

I highly recommend visiting William Castle's blog to read more of "Scare It Forward!"


  1. LOVE the recap. Really great. Thanks so much. This is great fun. Anything I can do for you??? Just let me know.

    William Castle

  2. Just keep me up to date on when those William Castle glasses will be on sale (I want a set of tumblers and martini glasses- LOL), and maybe even the progress of "ANIMUS". :D