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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Death Screams (1982)

The 1980's saw a surge of slasher films rising to prominence.  Some were effective, while others, though entertaining, were not so effective.

During the annual carnival in a small town, a couple are killed and dumped in the river.  As the Sheriff investigates, a group of teens decide to have a private party near the river... only to have the killer being to take them out one by one...

Some people will know, "Death Screams" under the titles, "House of Death" or "Night Screams".  Under any title, this film has some entertainment value- but some serious flaws as well.

The acting isn't too bad, and is entertaining.  There weren't any stand out performances, though Hanns Manship- who plays the child-like Casey, did give a good performance in his role.  The characters are a little stereotypical of the 1980's, but still likable.

The kills are decent, and fairly well done- though the one with the girl being shot with an arrow during broad daylight comes out of nowhere and felt rather random... as if it was thrown in just because.  There's also a seduction scene that really doesn't fit in or make much sense.

The storyline itself is a decent enough premise for a movie, but the flow is off.  Mostly because the teens are at the party, then the story jumps backwards a few hours, then jumps back to the party.  It could throw a viewer off- it confused me a bit.  I guess the biggest storyline flaw involves the killer.  There are no clues to whom the killer is- nor any indication as to WHY they're doing it.  Because of this, I wasn't as engaged in the story as much as I would normally be- and the revelation left me disappointed and indifferent.

Even though I was disappointed in this film, I would recommend fans of such film to give a viewing once.  I'm going to have to place, "Death Screams" in "The Ugly"...

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