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Monday, August 15, 2011

"Scare It Forward!" (Tale Two)- Chapters 1 &2

Last Monday, the first of three tales for William Castle's, 2011 "Scare It Forward!" ended, and today, I bring you the first two chapters of the second tale.

The story so far:
Rod "Hot Rod" McIntosh, is a guitarist with a taste for cocaine, liquor, and fast bikes.  During his band's performance one night, a mysterious woman gives him a note and a kiss.  Soon, Rod is faced with a growing horror as the woman stakes a claim on his soul.  Is this hellish nightmare a bad trip... or a fast trip to Hell?
 Chapter One is written by Dan Dillard- who also wrote Chapter Two of the first tale- as well as contributed to Chapter Six with William Castle and Will Newell of that story.  Chapter Two of THIS tale was written by Jason Chalmers.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this tale leads over the course of the next eleven chapters.

Check out the complete first tale- "Scare It Forward- Undertow", as well as last year's story, "Scare it Forward: Angel Island" both of which can be found on William Castle's blog!

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