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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spookapolooza 2011 Begins!

When my friend Jay (from "Film Reviews in the Basement") and I were younger, we would throw some pretty mean Halloween paries.  We even did up posters to hand out to our friends advertizing our annual "Spookapolooza" festivities.  In honour of those great memories, I'm proud to introduce "The Corner of Terror's" first annual "Spookapolooza"!

As part of the fun, I will be posting EVERY SINGLE DAY of October.  That's right- every day this month, there WILL be a post by me.  Won't that be fun, eh?

Every Monday, you can expect my regular summary of William Castle's 2011 "Scare it Forward!" project- with one of the chapters actually being written by myself!

On October 7th, I'll be appearing on the "Film Reviews From the Basement" radio show as a guest reviewer- and I'll be doing their live Twitter feed as well- check it out!  On the 8th, I'll be posting a special review of the movie I cover on the radio show as well.

I'll be reviewing various movies as well during the month.  Some of them you'll find in the list below:
  • "It came From Another World!" (2007;
  • "Scared to Death" (1947);
  • "Trick 'r Treat" (2007);
  • "Kenneyville"; and
  • "Doctor Blood's Coffin" (1961);

I'll be also be doing a dual review of John Carpenter's "Halloween," and Rob Zombie's "Halloween" as well as many more movies!

I've been wanting to add a few more horror novels to the site, so I'll doing a fair number of them as well this month!  Some of the reviews you can expect are:

  • "The Shining" (Stephen King);
  • "The Presence" (Heather Graham);
  • "For Love of Audrey Rose" (Frank De Felitta);
  • "The Servants of Twilight" (Dean Koontz); and
  • "Frankentein" (Mary Shelly).

Spread throughout the reviews, I hope to discuss other horror related topics, such as the value of suspense over gore, the value of horror movies in general, and the value of horror novels over horror novies.

So, stay tuned throughout the month as "The Corner of Terror" presents "Spookapolooza 2011"!