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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jack The Ripper (2003)

I've been wanting to add some game reviews to "The Corner of Terror" for awhile now, but didn't think I had enough horror/supernatural themed games in my collection.  Besides, I had my hands full over the past year with doing movies and books.  Well, I finally decided to add games to the list of things to talk about... and I don't think you can get any more horrifying or eerier than going against the serial killer that all others are measured against... Jack the Ripper...

"Jack the Ripper" was developed by Galilea Games, and released by The Adventure Company in 2003.  The game features you as a New York reporter who is on the trail of a killer whose modus operandi is the same as infamous killer who disappeared thirteen years previously.

This game is a simple point and click adventure, and is very easy to play.  The graphics are pretty good, and the cut scenes are well scripted and shot.  One reason I like point and click adventures is that they rely more on a good story, and character development to keep the player interested than a twitch reaction heavy first person shooter.  Also, you can take your time, and think the puzzles and problems through, with the story progression being your reward.

The puzzles you have to solve along the way are fairly straight forward and common ones found in this type of game, but do serve a purpose to move the story forward, unlike many where the puzzles are simply there to keep you from getting bored.  My only complaint with the puzzles where you have to find a certain item to add to your inventory is that a few of the items are in such an out of the way spot that you can't click on it properly the first ten times or so.  Seeing the item I need to click... and not being able to find the "sweet spot" to pick it up gave me some frustrating moments.

The story itself was interesting and moved along nicely.  There was tension at the parts where you know something's about to happen and you're waiting for it to happen.  One of the best parts is where you come back to your office to find a "present" on your desk.  You KNOW something bad is in there, but you have to open it up anyways.  The cut scene at that part is just great.  Another favorite scene for me is when you see Jack the Ripper about to slash a woman across the street from you... and all you can do is try to take a photo of the killer.  I was hooked on the story right up to the end.  I was a little disappointed in the ending though only because it felt a little cliched.

While I enjoyed the game as a whole, The frustration I felt in some spots due to hard to click items, and the ending drops "Jack the Ripper" into "The Bad"...

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