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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The image above was created by Brandon Bryant, who asked me on Twitter to submit two words as part of his #365Logo project.  The idea behind the project was to creat 365 logos during the year using just words that were submitted by people like myself.

Since my username on Twitter is TerrorCorner, I figured, "Heck- why not?" and submitted those two words.  The result was the image you see at the top.

I rather like it, myself- especially the claw reaching up.  Very B-movieish- which suits me perfectly.  Most of the logos he's produced (like this one) are very much what you would see on many old school movie posters- which is something I also like about them.

I'm hoping he does this project again- or a similar project in the future.  I'm quite interested in seeing what else he comes up.

In the meantime- check out his website for more of the #365Logo images, and other work by Brandon.  He's got some really impressive work.

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