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Monday, October 1, 2012

Dare You to Read It!

A couple of days ago, I received a tweet from JT Schaad, asking what five horror books I would recommend reading during the Halloween season- so today, I'm going to briefly discuss five of them.

"Misery" by Stephen King- Let's face it, this is one of his greatest pieces of work in my opinion.  It's right up there with "The Shining", "Pet Cemetery", and "Christine".  The characters are relatable (even the psycho-fan Annie Wilkes), and well defined.  The plot is tight and suspensful- with a nice flow to the building tension and the shock moment.  The writing style has a great feel to it, and pulls you into the story.

"The Servants of Twilight" by Dean Koontz- One of Koontz's earlier works, and one of the few of his that I've really enjoyed.  The characters are intersting, and the action flows and builds until a rather satisfying climax.  Not AS good as Stephen King, but still quite enjoyable.

"Audrey Rose" by Frank De Felitta- If you need to hear WHY I'd suggest this one, just read my review of it. LOL

"Bag of Bones" by Stephen King- Another King book that I really enjoyed.  It's not your typical ghost story, but one that will still give you a few good decent chills.  I liked the characters, and came to care about them, and was satisfied by how the story unfolded.

"The Devil in Connecticut" by Gerald Brittle- A non-fiction book about a case of demonic possession that Ed & Lorraine Warren in the early 1980's.  While not as intentionally scary as the above books, this one does have some events that will stick in your mind, and is still a informative and interesting read.  Gives you insight into how such cases are investigated, and how the "authorities" sometimes treat those suffering from such things.

Well, there you have it- a quick list of five horror books to read during the Halloween month!  I'll be reviewing a couple of these over the course of the month as well- so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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