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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It Happened at Nightmare Inn (1973)

"Terrorpolooza 2012" brought me in contact with a couple of films made across the pond, some a bit better than others...

Women have been disappearing at a small Spanish inn, and soon the sister of one of the victims begins to investigate.  Will she uncover the dark secret of their disappearance... or will she join her sister?

This is a hard movie to say much about.  It's far from great, but for some reason still worth watching at least once.  The story is fairly simple, but offers enough of a skeleton to hang meat on and flesh out.  Having said that, "It Happened at Nightmare Inn" falls slightly short of a full bodied piece of work.

The characters of the two sisters running the inn are interesting, but the remaining cast seems to get introduced in order to simply die.  The heroine plays an unimportant part until near the end.

At least the girls looked good, even if their acting wasn't the greatest.

There isn't much in the way of blood or serious scares in this movie, either.

Having said all that I still would recommend this for a single viewing.  I'm just not altogether sure WHY I would.  I'm putting "It Happened at Nightmare Inn" into The Bad.

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