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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Galaxy Invader (1985)

Sometimes, there comes along a movie that just fills you with amazement, awe, and wonder.  "Galaxy Invader" is one of those films.

After a strange object crashes in the backwoods of a small American town, a young man and a scientist embark attempt to reach it- and it's alien occupant... before a money seeking posse gets there first...

This movie filled me with amazement.  Amazement that it EVER got a green light to be made (even if it WAS direct to video).  It filled me with awe.  Awe that even a low budget movie could have such horrible acting.  It filled me with wonder.  Wonder at the fact that this movie still exists on DVD.

I mean it.  It's just a horrible movie.  The special effects are crap- even for a cheesy 1980's movie.  The acting was just outlandish.  The camera work was pitiful- though I do like the shot at the top of this article.  The characters were just inane, and didn't induce any feelings other than, "kill them, Galaxy Invader".  Even then, except for a couple at the start of the movie, the alien doesn't even really kill anybody... in fact, there isn't even any real indication that he WAS an invader, to be honest.  The plot was vague and simplistic.

The alien- which should've been the showpiece of the movie was really quite a disappointment.  It looked almost like a copy of Swamp Thing- but wearing what very well may have been a bondage harness.  When it ran, it looked like a man in a rubber suit.  I felt sorry for the guy who had to wear that costume.

Don't watch this movie.  Seriously, folks.  Don't.  It's a waste of time, electricity, and brain cells.  "Galaxy Invader" is truly one of "The Ugly"

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