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Monday, February 2, 2015

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Well, everyone, it's February 2015, and it's time for a fresh update!

This month marks our four year Anniversary of blogging (including the hiatus last year). Well, to celebrate, we're announcing the grand opening of our online store- where you can buy cool "Terror Gear"!

We're starting out with your basic items, with plans on adding specially made products down the road.

Be a "real" man- buy this shirt!
We currently have Mens Tops in various styles and colours- all of them with our logo on the front, and our banner on the back!

I've tried to make the mark-up value on the items low enough in order to make them all as affordable as possible as well.

One thing to note though, is one the site, you'll see a white square around the logo and banner.  For some reason CafePress does this, even though the white area is actually a transparent area- so when you get the item, the background will be the same as the shirt itself.  I'm working on rectifying that.

Show those men you're not afraid
to wear a great top!
And we haven't left out our female readers either!  We also have a wide selection of Women's Tops as well- which means everyone can proudly display the logo of their favorite horror blog!

We ARE your favorite horror blog, right?


Just like the Mens Tops, these items have our logo and banner on them, and are just as reasonably priced as them.

Of course, we also have other items as well- such as:

Keep your head with this great hat!
Hats!  We currently have three styles of hats available- though we're hoping to add toques and bandanas to the product list as well!

As you can see in the the image, it shows the transparency of the image background.  I'm not sure why it did it for this item, and not the tops though.  I'll be looking into that if I can.

These hats are stylish and functional- great for when the zombie apocalypse comes!

But there's more!

End of the world coming?
Have a drink on us!
There's drinkware!

We are also offering steins like the one shown here, shot glasses, coffee mugs, flasks, coasters, etc.

All of them with our lovely banner.  I love that banner.

Really... I do.

In addition to all of the great stuff above, we have pillows, beach towels, playing cards, decals and computer accessories.

Keep the nightmares
at bay in these PJ's!
Oh... we ALSO have Mens and Womens PJ's, yoga pants, sweatpants, and briefs... including- but not limited to the OFFICIAL "Corner of Terror" thong!

That's right... we sell thongs.


Because I doubt many horror blogs sell them.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So- there you have it.  Just some of the great products our online store will offer- with special edition items to follow, as well as specially designed regular items!

Go check it out now- and buy buy buy!  Just click on the link below!  We'll be adding a widget to the side once I get it to work properly... stupid widgets...

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