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Friday, May 4, 2012

"The Timeslip" (2011)

One of the nice things about being a reviewer of films and books is that people approach you to have a look at what they have to offer the world of cinema.  Sometimes, the offerings take you to places that you didn't expect to go...

Imagine you're walking through busy downtown London, when suddenly, you're rolling down a green, grassy bank into a forest that seems to close in around you.  That's exactly what happens to a "modern man" one day as he discovers that being "technologically advanced" doesn't necessarily improve your chances of survival...

Jonathan Chance- of The Chance Brothers, approached me on Twitter to see if I would like to review their short film, "The Timeslip".  This movie has been making the film festival rounds, and racking up some impressive awards:

  • Best Sci-Fi (Geek Independent Film Fest- 2011);
  • Official Selection (Angeleno Film Fest);
  • Official Selection (Underground Horror Fest);
  • Official Selection (Horrorquest Film Festival);
  • Official Selection (Action on Film Film Festival);
  • Official Selection (Killer Film Fest);
  • Official Selection (RadCon 6 Film Festival);
  • Official Selection (NorWesCon 35 Film Festival);
  • Official Selection (ChiCon 7 Film Festival);
  • Official Selection (Tri-Cities Fantastic Film Festival); and
  • Official Selection (OsFest Film Festival).
This short film is still making the rounds, so will probably garner more awards and attention- which it rightfully deserves, in my opinion.

"The Timeslip" is 15 minutes in length, but is a VERY interesting 15 minutes.  The premise is very creative- and could probably provide them with enough material for a feature length movie if they had the budget to do so.  While this film does primarily feature a sci-fi bent in the premise, the delivery is purely a taut, suspenseful thriller.

While you don't learn much about "the Modern Man," you still become interested in what's happening to him.  It is very easy to put yourself in his shoes, and wonder how YOU would react in the same situation.

The acting, for such a short film was quite good.Richard Chance portrays "the Modern Man", while his brother Jonathan, Stuart Armitage, and Michael Himsworth play the "Tribesmen"- with Richard also playing one.  I thought that Richard did a great job with "the Modern Man"- especially since there is close to zero dialogue in the entire short.  The only words uttered are, "Come on."  He expressed the characters emotions wonderfully with his face and body language.  I also have to say the "Tribesmen" were really good too, though I'm not all together sure tribesmen would have haircuts like those.  Though, now that I think about it, that raises a question... which DIRECTION did "the Modern Man" slip?  Certainly adds a new depth to the movie, I think.

I can't say enough about the camera work.  There is some excellent craftsmanship in this short movie.  The editing, camera work, angles, etc all work together to create a tense, well paced experience.  Some of the stills- like the one at the top of this review are just great.  All I can say is, "If you get the chance to see this short at a film festival- DO SO!"

I'm glad that Jonathan gave me to the opportunity to watch "The Timeslip," and I'm going to place it in "The Good".  I'll certainly be keeping an eye open in case The Chance Brother offer up a feature length movie!

Check out the trailer below for a taste of the goodness that "The Timeslip" offers:


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    1. You can contact him on Twitter. I'll be checking out the rest of his YouTube Channel as well.

  2. Intelligent & articulate review. I'll check out the trailer :)