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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Word of Terror is Spreading...

There comes a point in a writer's life (even if their writing consists mostly of babbling about horror movies), when they ponder whether or not their writing has an impact on anything or anyone.

Well, Google helped me resolve that own sort of issue in my life.

In addition to this blog, I submit my reviews to another great site- Horror-Movies.ca.  My username on that site is "TerrorCorner"... just like my Twitter name.  Well, I decided to Google, "TerrorCorner," and noticed something that helped to make me feel better about whether or not this blog is having an impact on things.

Because apparently, it has.

I have been finding that many of my reviews are appearing on sites OTHER than Horror-Movies.ca.  Even though most of those copies link back to Horror-Movies.ca, rather than my blog, there's a sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing my words spreading across the internet.

Some of the sites I've found so far with my reviews include:
In addition to these sites, The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has also been listing my Horror-Movies.ca reviews for a few of the movies in their database:  "The Beast of Yucca Flats", "Carnival of Souls", "Dementia 13", and "Death Warmed Up".  I'm tempted to go through their database and see exactly HOW many movies include a link to one of my reviews.

I found one that actually used a review of mine as not only as a reference in the footnotes, but as the opening quote for the article on for the move, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"!  Heck, my quote is followed by one by Roger Ebert, no less!  Bloody cool in my opinion.

I'm pretty sure there are others, but what I saw was enough to make realize that this blog IS having an impact beyond the corner I live in.  It shows that my reviews are being noticed by people, and are being appreciated and spread through the ether so that more people can read them.  I now have more determination to keep doing this blog, and to grow it where I want it to go.

Thank you Google...

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