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Friday, February 8, 2013

"Twisted Sisters" (2006)

Sometimes, I wish I had a twin to take my place at things I don't want to attend- like meetings, lectures, work, etc.  But sometimes, I'm rather glad that I don't have a twin...

Jennifer has a great life: a boyfriend who loves her, a good job, a nice home, and a baby on the way... and she recently discovered that she has an identical twin sister.  Too bad her twin wants to steal Jennifer's identity and life...

"Twisted Sisters" is one of those films that has moments of interest, but is seriously flawed in pretty much everything else.  The premise is okay, but the actual plot has some serious holes in its logic... and characters. Mostly the characters... especially the cops.

I really did not like the cops.  For one thing, considering that Jennifer's boyfriend's dad is a well known Barrister, you'd think the cops would do everything they could to operate within the law.  Unfortunately, these cops don't.  They barge into her apartment without a warrant, and verbally abuse her.  Right off the bat actually, on the word of a bartender they simply assume she's the killer and begin the harassment.  On the word of ONE witness.  Then, when she's in the hospital- having been mistaken for her killer twin and shot, one of the cops talks to her while she's in a coma saying that he'll come back when she's concious... because it's not as fun "fucking an unconcious bitch."

The other characters were just rather flat and dull.  Nothing about them really reached out and grabbed my interest... other than the fact that Fiona Horsey looked good in a mini-skirt.

The acting was pretty standard and average- except for the cops.  Their acting was just horrible and annoying.

The camera work was also pretty standard and insignificant.  There really wasn't anything that stands out in my mind as being cool.  I did like the two main pieces of gore: a guy's innards blasted out by a giant firework, and a pen stuck in some guy's eye.

I'm going to have to give this "What Movie Wednesday" winner, a spot in The Ugly.

Special Shout Out:

Thanks to everyone that voted in this week's "What Movie Wednesday," especially those that voted for "Twisted Sisters":

Leona Biron-Coulter
Jay (from "We Came From the Basement")
Jessica Hewlett
Morgana Phenix
Shiro Seirei Kitsuna

The next "What Movie Wednesday" will be February 14, 2013!

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