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Evil Bong (2006)

Cult classics are great films- and the horror genre is filled with them.  They usually use their humour and off-beat storyline to attract a following... sometimes with good cause.

Room mates, Alister, Larnell, Bachman, and Brett order a bong advertised as being "possessed," thinking it'd be cool.  Soon after its arrival, the four discover that this bong is more than it seems... and party time may go up in smoke...

I got this as part of an 8-pack horror movie set, and wasn't really expecting a whole lot from it.  I mainly wanted to see it because I curious about how they'd go about it... and because Tommy Chong- of Cheech & Chong fame was in it.  I can see, though why it's got the cult status it does.

The movie itself is fairly immature, as are the jokes.  The acting, and the camerawork remind me of some of the sort of stuff you'd find in a porno movie (ditto for the sets).  The whole movie kinda seems to be an excuse for pot jokes, and boobies... and bra gimmicks.  I'll admit that the kills are interesting, but not overly so.  There is only so long you can watch people acting stoned before your own mind starts to wander.

There are a couple of decent character cameos in this movie though, all refering to other films by Charles Band:

  • Ooga Booga ("Doll Graveyard");
  • Ivan Burroughs- played by Phil Fondacaro ("Decadent Evil");
  • The Gingerbread Man ("Gingerbread Man");
  • Jack Attack ("Demonic Toys"); and
  • Jack Deth- played by Tim Thomerson ("Trancers").
There are also two other notable cameos by actors as well.  One is Tommy Chong- who is famous for the  stoner films of Cheech and Chong, and Bill Moseley, who has appeared in many cult horror films such as "House of 1000 Corpses", "Repo!  The Genetic Opera", and "The Devil's Rejects".  These two actually made their roles enjoyable- as did Tim Thomerson's quick appearance.  The character cameos of Ooba Booga, and The Gingerbread Man are a little disturbing... funny... but disturbing none the less.

Michelle Mais, the voice of Eebee, the possessed bong was good too.  She sounded like a voodoo cursed bong from New Orleans should sound in my opinion.

While the humour is fairly immature, there are moments that made me snort, grin, and chuckle with laughter.

Unfortunately, that alone isn't enough to make this movie a repeat performer in my collection.  I might pull it out on rare occaisons where I'm getting drunk with friends... but beyond that, it's unlikely, I'll offer it up as a viewing choice in general.  I'm going to have to put "Evil Bong" in "The Ugly".


  1. Now I need to watch this just so I can hear what a voodoo cursed bong from New Orleans is supposed to sound like.


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