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What Movie Wednesday!

This past Wednesday, I started a new interactive feature for my blog- "What Movie Wednesday"!

"What is this new feature about," you ask?  Well, let me tell you.

Every Wednesday, I will be posting on my Facebook group page, my personal Facebook Profile, Google +,  and Twitter a bit of a poll.  In the poll, I will be asking YOU, the reader, which of three possible horror movies I should watch that night for review.  At that point, you will then be able to vote on which movie I watch.  The movie that gets the most votes wins (natrually).

The polls will be posted at 12:00 am (Pacific Standard Time) every Wednesday morning, and voting will continue until 7:00 pm that same day.  At that time, I will announce the winning movie, and begin watching it.  I'll also be doing a bit of a running commentary of the movie on Twitter while watching it.  The next day, I will sit down and write my review of the movie here.  At the bottom of the review, I will acknowledge all those that voted. If you voted via Twitter, the shout out will also include a link to your own Twitter Account.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I don't want my blog to simply be "blah blah blah..."  I want those that actively read my blog to be a part of it- and contribute to the content on it.  I'm hoping that by doing this, readers will feel comfortable coming forward and saying, "I'd like you to watch this, and review it!"  This feature, I believe will also bring a sense of fun, spontanaiety, and uniqueness to this blog.

The next "What Movie Wednesday," will be March 7th- so keep an eye out for the notices.  I post the notice throughout the day on my Facebook Profile.  If you join my Group Page, you'll get an invite message for it- in addition to my posting about it on the page itself.  On Twitter, make sure you watch out for the hashtag #WhatMovieWeds.

I'm looking forward to making "What Movie Wednesday," a fun, regular part of "The Corner of Terror," and seeing you all vote during it!


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